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Asymmetrical Sports Bra BlackAsymmetrical Sports Bra Black
Simple Leggings BlackSimple Leggings Black
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&i make you :)

Laura G.

I always struggled finding a flared legging that fits me. I am tall and all leggings in the market were short on me. &i really changed my life. The products are so comfortable and perfect for any kind of workout. I even wear them at work with a blazer on top!

Glenn A.

OBSESSED! From unparalleled quality to stunning designs, these pieces are a must-have in every closet. Perfect for everyday, everything, everywhere. Also, fits PERFECTLY

Melissa A.

The first sportswear brand that I want to wear everywhere. Best quality and designs. Never tried on sets this comfortable.

Joumana A.

&i has become my go-to. The attention to detail in the designs and the quality of materials truly set the brand apart. Every piece fits into my daily routine.

I never thought I'd love biker shorts until I tried &i. They are so so flattering. Now, I wear them everywhere!

Sarah S.

I am obsessed with &i's leggings. They are the softest material and feel like a cloud! I wear them everyday and not just to workout - they are super flattering. Love the asymmetrical bra as well, so stylish and comfortable.

Manal M.

&i was a revelation: the feel of the material is amazing and the legging I got so comfy! A must have product. My daughter already took mine, I'll be back for more :)

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